The Name You Trust for Engine Parts, Cores, & Recycling

EQ Cores & Recycling Auto Wrecking is an End-of-Life Vehicle processing Center

We buy used vehicles and parts, sell used auto parts for remanufacturing, and export used vehicles and parts.

The parts we salvage for reuse include engines and transmissions, steering gears, and sheet metal including doors, hoods and clips. We also ship a large volume of complete engine and drive train systems to developing countries to meet their business requirements.

As a green company, EQ Cores and Recycling always ensures that any vehicles brought to our facilities are disassembled in accordance with local, state and federal regulations that apply to the proper recycling or disposal of all automotive related fluids and components. This includes gasoline, oil, Freon, antifreeze, brake fluid, batteries and transmission fluid.

As a result, we keep vehicles that are no longer roadworthy out of landfills and dumps.