The Name You Trust for Engine Parts, Cores, & Recycling

A History of Dependable Service in Chicago, and Las Vegas

It all started in 1949 in Chicago when Aaron and Alex Stolberg starting buying starters and generators after World War II. They found a niche selling engines and transmission cores for remanufacturing, and eventually expanded to include end-of-life vehicle processing and scrap metal purchasing and processing.

With one of the largest inventories of engine, transmission and internal part cores, we  continue to be a leading supplier source for engine and transmission rebuilders.

EQ Cores and Recycling provides valuable information to customers on whether new, remanufactured or reclaimed will work best for the engine or transmission project they are working on.

The Las Vegas location was established in 1992 and the facility became a full-service scrap recycling center in 2004. Our engine parts division, EngineQuest (EQ) started in 1987, while our TransmissionQuest (TQ) division for transmission parts began in 2011.

EQ Cores and Recycling continues to be family owned and operated and is well known throughout the industry for its outstanding customer service and integrity.