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High Output Performance/ Marine Cast Iron Cylinder Head, Gen V and Gen VI Rectangular Port V8 502 cid

Our cylinder heads live up to EQ’s reputation for quality parts and incredible service. This assures you of the highest value and quality in cast cylinder head. In fact, if you’re ready to replace a worn out or cracked cylinder head, you won’t find a better product available anywhere.

What Makes an EQ Cylinder Head better than the rest?

  • Highest grade cast iron material used in manufacturing
  • Thicker decks for greater strength
  • Superior port finish for increased flow
  • Improved flow design to resist cracking
  • Redesigned water flow for greater thermal conductivity
  • Hardened exhaust seats
  • CNC machined guides and seats
  • 3 angle valve finish
  • Parts and labor warranty *
  • 25 point quality check on every head

Applications include:

  • 454 MAG. BRAVO GM 454 V-8 1988-1992
  • 502 MAG. BRAVO GM 502 V-8 1990-1992
  • 2L MIE W/HURTH GM 502 V-8 1990-1992
  • Fits GM, MerCruiser, OMC and Volvo Penta.

This head is produced in our New Zealand foundry using the highest grade cast iron in the industry. Heads are equipped with the Dura-Bond ultra-durable exhaust seats for extended life in rough performance and marine applications. The cylinder head is manufactured in the “stock replacement” configuration with integral valve guides and standard valve diameters built into this 26 degree head.

  • 299cc intake runner
  • 19″ head diameter Intake valve
  • 88″ head diameter Exhaust valve,
  • 118cc combustion chambers
  • 52″ valve spring pocket width
  • Integral guide. 3/8″ ID
  • 7/16″ accessory mounting holes
  • Power improved intake runner.