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Big Block Chevy Replacement Cylinder Heads

Racers, street enthusiasts, truck owners and boaters looking for an affordable cast iron Big Block Chevy cylinder head that can support over 850 horsepower right out of the box can rejoice as EngineQuest (EQ) has just expanded their product line. EQ’s Big Block Chevy replacement cylinder heads surpass any production unit by producing outstanding horsepower and torque improvements for virtually all Big Block Chevy engines from a mild 454 to a supercharged 572.

These heads offer superior flow characteristics and are available with either a 320cc or 360cc intake runner. They are cast, machined and assembled with great features such as multi-angled intake seats and radiused exhaust valve seats, revised water jackets for better thermal conductivity for reduced chance of detonation, thick deck surfaces, hardened exhaust valve seat, manganese intake and bronze exhaust valve guides. These heads also have a 119cc chamber volume that is “compression friendly” for street or marine applications.

Part numbers for the new Big Block Chevy heads are CH454A for 320cc intake runner and CH454B for the 360cc intake runner. If your looking for a Vortec chamber style cylinder head, see of CH454C head by scrolling down on this page.

For more information about the EQ Big Block Chevy cylinder heads or any of their products phone (800) 426-8771

head-454-1 head-454-2 head-454-3 head-454-4 head-454-5

One Dirt 454 Video at PRI 2012

CH454A 320cc Intake RunnerCH454A.pdf
CH454B 360cc Intake Runner
CH454C 246cc Intake Runner


Big Block Chevy Vortec Replacement Cylinder Heads

Aftermarket replacement for the 1996 – 2000 Vortec combustion chamber heads are available.  These can be used in an earlier application when you use Bolt Down Rocker Arms and Head Gasket by Felpro # 1017 or equivalent.

  • 246 cc Intake Runner
  • 100 cc Combustion Chamber
  • 065″ Intake valve
  • 720″ Exhaust valve
  • Highest grade cast iron material used in manufacturing
  • All required mounting holes are tapped
  • Thicker decks for greater strength
  • Superior port finish for increased flow
  • Improved flow design to resist cracking
  • Redesigned water flow for greater thermal conductivity
  • Hardened exhaust seats
  • CNC machined guides and seats
  • 3 angle valve finish
  • 25 point quality check on every head
  • Replaces casting numbers: 10141279, 12560241


Part Number CH454C