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EQ Performance Cylinder Heads: More Bang for the Buck!



EQ‘s high-performance and stock cylinder heads for engine builders. With thousands of SKUs available to ship today, we’ll help you keep your inventory minimal and always have the cylinder head or hard-to-find engine part you need.

Along with quality and durability, we give you the highest value and unparalleled customer support.

Engine enthusiasts agree: EQ makes the best-performing, best-priced cylinder heads for maximum power with minimum effort. Leaving the factory with an ‘as-cast’ shape, they’re ready to install right out of the box, requiring no additional machining, porting or polishing. Just install the valve train, bolt on – and hold on!

Our 23 degree performance cylinder head feature Flow-Cast Technology, the latest advancement in air-flow design. In fact, they were voted Best of Tech by Popular Hot Rodding. Vehicles running with EQ performance heads out-gun the competition on race tracks across the nation.


  • 200 cc intake runner
  • 64 cc combustion chamber
  • angled spark plug
  • bronze guides (.341” id / .531” od)
  • 2.02” intake valve
  • 1.60” exhaust valve
  • 45* valve angle
  • 1.210” x 2.080” intake port

EQ-CC200BA Specifications

Port Volume: 2000cc +/- 2cc74cc
Port Dimension:1.210” x 2.080”1.350” X 1.400”
Port Location: Stock
Valve Head Diameter:2.02”1.60”
Valve Seat Angles:4545
Valve Guide ID:.03429” - .03450”.3433” - .3438”
Valve Guide OD:.531”.531”
Chamber Volume: 64cc +/- 2cc
Spark Plug Location: Stock - angle
Spark Plug Type:14 mm
Intake Manifold Bolt pattern:1969 - 1985
Valve Cover mounting:outer
Weight:51 lbs
  • Highest grade of material used in manufacturing
  • Thicker decks for greater strength
  • Superior port finishes for increased flow
  • Improved flow design to resist cracking
  • Redesigned water flow for greater thermal conduc>vity
  • Hardened exhaust seats
  • CNC machined guides and seats
  • 25 point quality check on every head
  • To Change Chamber Volume .006” per CC Flat Milling

EQ-CC200BA Intake RunnerEQ-CC200BA.pdf