Existing: Assembling Cylinder Heads

Video Lenght: 1:11


This is the process we do here at EngineQuest to assemble our cylinder heads. We get some valve stem lube, we lube up the valve and the guide to ensure proper lubrication for non-dry startups. At this point we install the spring. On this particular head we put an o-ring seal in the second groove of the valve, install the keepers, release it straight, and then we do this all the way through the head. Then we move on to this process with the rubber mallet to seat the keepers. Then we move on to vacuum testing the cylinder head. Each cylinder we check to 25” of vacuum. This is the gauge; 25” of vacuum; 25” of vacuum, and we do this process all the way down on each cylinder through the cylinder head.

Here at EngineQuest, we use all OEM-type replacement parts for all of our new cylinder head builds. Check us out at EngineQuest.com.