The GM LS Engine Parts Lineup


Hello, everyone. I’m here to introduce the EngineQuest LS parts line of our aftermarket products. All of these are new, OE casting type replacements for our new head castings and parts. These new head castings come in 317, 243, 364 and are available as bare or assembled heads. All of these have new stock aftermarket type parts.

Our head bolts, we have all three types per the application year range of your vehicle, from 1998 through 2018. All of these bolts have been load tested, and tested for stress and hardness.

Our rocker arm set will fit all GEN III LS heads and have been upgraded with a trunnion for more reliability, at a 1.7 rocker ratio. These are all new rocker castings and parts, with a full set of bolts included.

Our valve cover bolt sets are OE-type replacement bolts and sleeves with Viton rubber grommets.

Our lifter guide plates have been material tested to follow OE-type standards, and comes with bolts for each set.

Our coolant block off plugs are new cast aluminum plugs with a Viton o-ring for reliability.

Our oil galley plug is a barbell style, and are made of nylon material to follow OE standards, and also come with a Viton o-ring for reliability.

Our oil filter adapters are OE-type replacements, and come in two styles; one for the early models from 1998 through 2009, and our late models from 2006 through 2019.

Our head dowels also come in two different styles as well; one for the early models of 1999 through 2000, and our late models of 2001 through 2018.

This was a quick overview of our parts EngineQuest can supply to you or your company. Please visit our website for a full catalog of all EngineQuest parts at or feel free to give us a call at 800-426-8771 and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Thank you!