EngineQuest IN350MB Installation 69-86 Heads

Video Lenght: 4:29


IN350MB Installation 1969 - 1986 cylinder heads. Follow gasket manufacturer’s instructions for sealant on gaskets and front and rear seal area. This video is for demonstration purposes only, no sealer was applied to front and rear seal for this demo.

This video is to show you how to install the EngineQuest EQ-IN350MB on a 1969 - 1986 configuration cylinder heads and block. We have glued in the intake manifold gaskets for ease of installation, and we have kept the silicone off the edges for demonstration purposes only. Remember to follow all gasket manufacturer's directions when installing your intake manifold.

Start by putting the intake manifold on the engine, and use your distributor to center the intake manifold for proper alignment when it comes to the bolt holes. When installing on the '69 - '86 application, you need to use the slugs that have been provided with the kit. There is a notch. That notch needs to go towards the cylinder head, and insert the four slugs in the center of the intake manifold bolt holds. Once again, the slot goes towards the cylinder head. Using your bolts, they need to be at least 1-1/2" in length and finger tighten those in a cross-pattern on the center of the intake manifold. You may need to remove the distributor and slightly move the intake manifold back and forth for ease of installation when turning the bolts. Again, we are doing these in a cross-pattern.

Once the four center sections are finger-tight, continue working around the intake manifold in a cross-pattern installing bolts. All bolts are going to be snugged down, again, staying in a cross-pattern. Once all of the manifold bolts have been snugged down, you can come back and torque them to specification. Also want to show you that there is plenty of clearance for whatever type of valve cover you are using, to drop that valve cover down on the intake manifold. Once again, this is the instructions on how to the EQ-IN350MB on a 1969 - 1986 configuration cylinder head and block. Thanks!

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