EngineQuest’s IN350MB Cast Iron Intake Manifold – Late Models

Video Lenght: 3:44


IN350MB Installation 1987 - 1995 cylinder heads. Follow gasket manufacturer’s instructions for sealant on gaskets and front and rear seal area. This video is for demonstration purposes only, no sealer was applied to front and rear seal for this demo.

This video is for how to install an EngineQuest IN350MB Small Block Chevrolet cast iron intake manifold on a 1987 through 1995 block. Here we have our gaskets glued in place. We are going to set the intake manifold down, and remove our easy installation carriers.

Next, we are going to install a distributor to help us with the alignment. This will help center the intake manifold on the bolt holes. Using the installed bolts with the half-cut washers, install them in the center four holes of the intake, with the cut side of the washer to the heat riser center section and the intake manifold. These are being installed finger-tight in a cross pattern.

Next, for ease of installation, I’m going to remove the distributor and install, once again in a cross pattern, the additional mounting bolts. All bolts are then finger-tight, once again in a cross pattern. Reinstall your distributor and continue with the final assembly and torquing of the intake manifold bolts. Again, that’s how easy it is to install the IN350 EngineQuest cast iron manifold on all 1987 through 1995 Small Block Chevrolet 350s.

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